Basic Life Support

CPRDuring this innovative course you will learn the key skills of first aid and gain the confidence to act effectively in an emergency. By using Active Learning and a comprehensive workbook we ensure that you remember the skills and feel confident to use them.

Almost uniquely, our medically based course stresses the importance of not moving injured patients and shows you how to safely hold spinal injuries in position, rather than just putting them in the recovery position.

Time (hours): 
Suitable for: 

Anyone who needs a very basic first aid qualification.


Meets the requirements of the HSE for "Appointed Persons in the Workplace" training.



Course Contents: 
  • scene assessment
  • safety and hygiene
  • communicable diseases
  • primary survey
  • the unconscious, non-trauma casualty
  • the recovery position
  • the unconscious, trauma casualty
  • the "chain of survival"
  • rescue breathing
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ie. CPR)
  • choking management
  • first aid kits
  • control of bleeding
  • the accident book
  • reporting of accidents at work