Food Hygiene Awareness

More people than ever before are being affected by food poisoning and there is increasing public anxiety about the adequacy of food hygiene practice. This anxiety and government regulations (Food Safety Act 1990) mean that it is essential that those handling food have suitable training.

A food handler is defined as:- "any person who handles food whether open (unwrapped) or packed. Food includes drinks and ice."

Marlin’s Food Hygiene instructor is Stuart Marshall. Stuart not only holds adult teaching qualifications but also has a degree in microbiology from King’s College, London and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health, so you can be assured of the quality of your course and the instructor’s expertise. 

Time (hours): 
Suitable for: 

"Low risk" food handlers such as bar staff or other serving staff.

That is anyone who does not actually prepare the food.

  • Royal Society of Health Certificate
  • Department of Health
  • Meets the requirements of the Food Safety Act 1995


Course Contents: 
  • food poisoning
  • bacteria
  • personal hygiene
  • pest control
  • temperature control
  • cleaning and disinfecting
  • food hygiene and
  • the law multiple-choice examination