Amazing new solution to bleeding!

Celox™ is an amazing new compound that stops bleeding fast.

It has been extensively tested by the US Military and it works! Surprisingly though it is actually made here in the UK.

At Marlin we have been looking into the research surrounding Celox™. We believe that it is extremely effective and easy to use. Just tip it on a major wound and then apply pressure with a bandage. It clots virtually instantly and will control even major arterial bleeds. For this reason we would strongly recommend it's inclusion in outdoor and fieldwork first aid kits, particularly those to be used on remote trips.

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Celox™ stops bleeding and saves lives on the battlefield

Celox™ from Sam Medical

We have now been appointed an agent for Celox by the UK manufacturer. A pack costs as little as £15 and could just save someone's life.

You can download a data sheet and order form below.