Tailored & Bespoke Courses

Tailored Courses

At Marlin, we do not believe in delivering “off the shelf” programmes, and so we tailor all of our courses to the students’ specific needs within the confines of the syllabus. With first aid, for example, we tackle the sort of scenarios that you encounter.

For in-house courses our instructors will discuss the course before hand with a manager to ensure that the contents will be suitable and tailor any projects or scenarios to your work environment.

With open courses, it is obviously more difficult to be exactly specific but the instructor will ask everyone what they do and then cover everyone’s requirements.

Additionally, we also have full video editing facilities, so for large contracts we can produce specific training videos for your company, shot on your premises, covering the sort of work you do, or the sort of accidents you have, eg. lots of burns in a kitchen.

three people wrapped up in survival bags

Bespoke Training

Assessment Forestry

In addition to tailoring our “standard” courses, we also offer a complete bespoke service within our range of expertise.

These courses can range from a combination of modules from our standard courses to completely new courses. All courses would include training aids, such as videos and slides, and student workbooks and certificates. All of these items could be produced with your name and logo if you wish.

Bespoke courses that we have recently produced include a first aid course for foresters, which covers “Adult First Aid” plus child CPR and some of the extra outdoor activities skills, since they are some way from help.

We have also designed a course for a close protection company which includes the “Emergency First Aid” course and an extra module on trauma, including gun shot wounds.