Mental Health in the Workplace

Equip your staff with the skills to help someone in a mental health crisis. Designed by mental health instructors, NHS mental health professionals and the first aid industry body (FAIB), our courses will provide your staff with the tools they need.

Current courses on the market had their origins in other countries and it was felt they were not well suited to the UK workplace where “Do you want a cup of tea?” might be a better first approach than “I’m your mental health champion” when someone is showing signs of being in crisis.

Our courses also provide more focus on common mental health struggles such as stress and depression, whilst still giving people the tools they need for more complex difficulties.

There are three courses to choose from:

  • Mental Health Awareness (MHA)
  • Mental Health in the Workplace (MHW)
  • Mental Health and Well Being in the Workplace (MHWB)

If this sounds like something that could help in your workplace then please contact us.

Course Contents


  • Recognising possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health
  • Awareness of Mental Health and its stigma
  • How to access help for those in crisis or need
  • MHW
  • All topics in the MHA course, plus
  • Using a Mental Health Action Plan to help those in crisis or need
  • Finding external professional help and guidance
  • The law in relation to mental health and the workplace
  • Best Practice in the workplace, for example when helping someone to stay in work or return to work


  •  All topics in the MHW course, plus
  • Understanding of more complex mental health conditions
  • Promoting well-being in the workplace and how you can become an Ambassador for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Information on self-care to aid prevention to help others and yourself

Who are they for

  • Anyone with an interest in helping colleagues who have poor mental health.

Course Length

  • MHA – 1/2 day
  • MHW – 1 day
  • MHWB – 2 days

Currently these courses are all classroom based, although we are working on blended versions.

Student Comments



Great content, giving skills to deal with mental health problems.



Love the interactive exercise and videos.​



I've learned so much about depression, stress, self harm, suicide, etc and the mental health action plan and how to tailor it to individuals.

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