EFAW+F (Forestry)

Forest environments presents unique problems, particularly when undertaking first aid. The types of injuries sustained are very different to those in an office environment and help may take hours to arrive so you need a much higher skill level in order to cope with an incident.

25 years ago Marlin recognised this problem and began running our two day outdoor course to forest workers. After a year we worked with other foresters to produce a shorter one day forestry first aid course, which developed into the EFAW+F course. Our course has since been copied by many, but never bettered!

Marlin’s Forestry First Aid (EFAW+F) course will give you those basic and advanced first aid skills you need for the outdoors. More importantly it will also give you the confidence to use those skills effectively.

Our course now includes an extra 2-3 hours eLearning covering much of the supplimental information, such as illnesses. This frees up time in the course for important practical sessions.

Alternatively we can offer you a 2 or 3 day Forestry First Aid at Work Course. This course covers all of the subjects of the EFAW+F course but also includes significantly more training on illness and injury. You can either take the course in it’s traditional three day format or undertake a two day course with one day’s eLearning.

Course Contents

  • First aid regulations.
  • First aid kits for the workplace.
  • Scene assessment, safety & hygiene.
  • Initial assessment: trauma and non-trauma and recovery position.
  • Airway problems such as choking.
  • CPR, including when far from help.
  • Bleeding control.
  • Catastrophic Bleeding.
  • Shock – types, treatment and importance when help is delayed.
  • Injury Assessment, Fractures, Splinting and Crush Injuries
  • Environmental Problems
  • Lyme’s Disease and Leptospirosis

Who is it For

  •  Anyone who works in forestry.
  • Chain saw users

Course Length

  • 10 hours
    • 2-3 hours eLearning
    • 7- hours practical

Latest Standards

We take the latest advice from organisations such as the UK & European Resuscitation Organisations, Royal Colleges, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, etc and update our eLearning immediately as changes take place.

GDPR Compliant

Our system meets all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in the UK, tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018.

FAIB Approved

This system was developed with a panel of experts at the First Aid Industry Body to ensure that it is educationally sound, medically correct and fully meets the requirements for first aid training.

Forestry England

This course meets the requirements for EFAW as set down the HSE and also EFAW+F as set down by Forestry England.