Camp Craft

This ½ day to 1 day module is designed to help inexperienced members of staff or students who may be travelling to remote locations and camping out for several days. There are many skills to setting up a camp that works, many of which are only learned by experience (such as setting up the toilet downwind from the camp). During the course the group will:

  • Get to practise with lots of campcraft kit.
  • Learn about the use of tarps to make shelters for tents and practice using them.
  • Learn how to use knives safely and choose and appropriate knife for their needs.
  • Repair kits – what should be in them.
  • Outdoor tools – choosing one that works for you.
  • Clean water – how will you source it.
  • Toileting – how and where? Carrying waste out?
  • Discuss fuel vs wood fires.
  • Learn a variety of simple fire lighting techniques.
  • Use Kelly kettles, etc to quickly boil hot water.
  • Cook a meal for lunch on a wood stove (1 day course).
  • Camp Dangers: Wee beasties, bugs, bites, infections and the not so wee beasties!
  • Fire – safety around fires and burns.
  • Be provided with resources to take their learning and skills further.

Price dependent on location and needs. Preferably in a woodland location for practice.