Rescue Breaths are Back

Performing rescue breaths on a casualty

The Resuscitation Council UK have revised their guidelines after another review of the COVID-19 situation.

Our Training Works

A few days ago we had an email from a student thanking us for our training, as she had used it to help a friend who had had a heart attack.

Mental Health in the Workplace Courses

Our mental health courses are designed by NHS mental health professionals and focus on what you should actually do to help someone in a mental health crisis. We believe they are the best workplace mental health courses available.

First Aid Courses and Covid-19

The HSE have extended first aid certificates until 31/9/2020.
In the meantime we have blended eLearning and zoom refresher courses you can take.

Emerade Recall Alert

All Emerade auto-injectors have been recalled by the manufacturer. There is a fault in one component of the auto-injector believed to cause some pens* to fail to activate and deliver adrenaline.

Covid-19 CPR Guidance

The UK Resucitation Council have issued a statement on performing CPR during the pandemic while still keeping yourself safe.

HSE Issues Guidance on First Aid during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The HSE have stated that if your FAW certificate expires after the 19th March 2020 then you can have a three month extension provided you have tried to access requalification training and explain why you could not. For more information see the HSE website