First Responder

Our first responder course is currently in development and coming very soon.

EFAW+F (Forestry)

Forest environments presents unique problems, particularly when undertaking first aid. The types of injuries sustained are very different to those in an office environment and help may take hours to arrive so you need a much higher skill level in order to cope with an incident. 25 years ago Marlin recognised this problem and began […]

Paediatric First Aid

This course meets the full requirements of OFSTED / EYFS 2021 for those caring for or working with babies through to young adults. Have fun learning how to deal with the typical accidents that children have and cover adult skills as well. Each skill is tailored to children’s needs and the differences between the treatment […]

Fieldwork First Aid

The outdoors contain many unique challenges compared to an indoor environment. We have designed this course specifically to tackle these challenges, to help you in the field. It covers the sort of accidents and scenarios you are most likely to face in a somewhat remote environment and the more advanced skills required to handle injuries […]

2+1 Blended FAW

Factory accident

We know it can be difficult to schedule 3 consecutive days off for your staff. Since COVID it has only become harder and many people are uncomfortable sitting in a room with their colleagues for three days. 
 Six years ago, our director, Stuart Marshall was involved in the HSE subcommittee that looked at eLearning […]